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Recent FAQs

To complete League of Legends missions, and participate high level League of Legends events on GGB, you must verify your in-game name. The process is very simple, click here to begin:

**Garena players are not eligible to participate in missions, we recommend  that you create an account on a Non-Garena server.

Members can earn Buzz rewards by completing missions with in-game objectives. You must have a verified account to complete missions and earn Buzz rewards. We are always expanding our missions and the games they take place in. To see a listing of current missions click here:

** If your account is not verified you will see a link to do so on any individual mission page. You can also click here to verify your League of Legends summoner/account:

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Buzz is our virtual currency. Buzz can be used in the Buzz Store to purchase virtual items. Members can earn Buzz by completing missions, being active on the website and applications, and participating in DISCORD events. Buzz can also be purchased and gifted to other members. Reference the links below for more info:

How to Earn Buzz:

Buy Buzz:

Gift Buzz:

Shop the Buzz Store:


GGB is first and foremost a gaming community that helps players connect in-game. Building teams and connections is critical if you want to win and compete consistently.


The GGB Discord community has roles for each game and server/region that you can use to message members for teams, events participation, and game play. Example: You could use the command “@lolna” to find teammates for a League of Legends game, “@lolna need supp and mid for normal game“.

When you join the Discord send a message to an admin or moderator and tell them the games you play and your server/region so they can grant you the proper roles. You can also post in the #support text channel and request the proper roles or link to your GGB profile if you have all your info added.

You can join Discord here:

If you haven’t already downloaded Discord click here:

The Member Search

Logged-in members can access the members search in the main top navigation bar under their username. This search allows you to find members by username, Discord ID, game and region/server. Use the member search, add friends that play in your region/server, and build a list that you can use when you need a quality teammate. You can add friends in GGB and then add then in-game as well (in-game names are displayed on member profiles).


That was important that it required all caps 🙂 If you do not have all of your info on your profile members cannot find you using the member search. Make sure you have all your game servers/regions, your in-game names & your Discord ID added to your profile!




A GGB account give you access to events, your profile, activity feed, member search by game and server/region, and much more….

Click here to create your GGB account:


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