Brand Opportunities

“GGB brings brands and the eSports audience

together in mutually beneficial, deeply integrated

activations that deliver real value for both the

eSports community, and our brand partners.”


  • GGB leverages 1st party data, 3rd party data and deeply integrated applications to reach highly targeted segments of the eSports audience.
  • We deliver ultra-engaging, interactive, gamified media campaigns to specific eSports audience segments, against any brand KPI.
  • The eSports audience does not respond to traditional advertising. GGB media activations are highly customized and creative. At GGB there is no “box”.


Sponsored Missions

  • GGB missions allow members to complete in-game objectives that offer rewards in our virtual currency called Buzz. Users can redeem Buzz to purchase in-game items such as Riot Points, Steam Wallet codes, Blizzard Balance codes, etc.
  • Sponsored Missions leverage touch points across the entire media landscape to deliver incredible performance, brand recognition, brand experience and mindshare.


Branded Buzz Store Product Placement

  • Place branded digital items in the Buzz Store to activate direct-response campaigns. GGB can deliver any digital product utilizing license keys, codes, and file downloads. From branded in-game items, to partner owned software and content,  Branded Buzz Store Product Placements are incredibly engaging.
  • Combine Sponsored Missions with Branded Buzz Store Product Placements to create an even more immersive brand experience.


Sponsored Discord Events

  • Discord is the most popular eSports community and in-game communication platform. Brand partners can sponsor Discord events that reward members with Buzz that can be redeemed for in-game items like skins, playable characters, customized avatars, etc.
  • Discord events are activity based and work well as a standalone activation or as part of a deeper campaign. Discord is central and relevant to the vast majority of the eSports audience.


Stream Syndication, Distribution & Promotion

  • The GGB streaming media solution is an enterprise level solution capable of global delivery at scale. GGB can ingest your stream event and distribute it across all major platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Periscope, Twtich, etc.) simultaneously.
  • GGB serves your stream to our internal audiences, and 3rd party audiences, with very specific targeting to drive reach and viewership within specific segments.



  • While email is a great tool to reach our users, we do not feel that email campaigns are viable as a standalone activation. We offer our extensive email capabilities as part of deeper integrations like Sponsored Missions.
  • From branded transactional emails based on user interaction with campaigns, to big-time promotional bulk delivery, GGB’s email solutions are world class.



  • Video is an integral media format for the eSports and gaming markets. GGB can distribute your video across all major media platforms to highly-targeted segments within the eSports audience. Gamers are accustomed to watching videos of gameplay, highlights, major eSports events, tutorials, and much more.
  • GGB can deliver creative, integrated video activations against KPIs such as: reach, share-of-voice, video views, engagement, video view time, and much more.


Buzz API

  • The Buzz API allows us to reward members with our virtual currency for actions that take place in a partner application, or on a partner website, as part of an activation. Partners can reward target audiences for registrations, video views, content views, in-game objectives, or any other action they see fit.
  • The Buzz API is a deep eSports and gaming activation channel that drives unparalleled engagement and campaign performance.


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