Introducing “Buzz” – The Virtual Currency for Gamers

A lot has changed since GGB launched almost a year ago. Our community has grown, we have met a ton of great people, we have re-organized as a company, we brought in additional teams to provide even more to the community, and now we would like to introduce our new virtual currency for the gaming & eSports marketplaces….. “Buzz”.

We realized early that we needed a way to provide a variety of prizes for our events and competitions, and that everyone wanted something different. We needed a universal currency that could be redeemed in a store front for a variety of gaming related digital goods. This is the origin story.

Buzz might not be like most virtual currencies that you know of. Buzz can be redeemed in the Buzz Store for Riot Points, Steam Wallet Codes, Blizzard Balance Codes, Amazon eGift Cards, Garena Shells, and many other gaming related virtual currencies. Very soon GGB members will be able to redeem Buzz at partner e-commerce stores as well, stay tuned for announcements as partners roll out.

GGB Members can also purchase Buzz. We felt from the beginning that we needed a way to provide instant value for event and competition winners. For instance: If you win 2 Buzz in an event, and the item you want is 5 Buzz, you can buy Buzz to make up the difference and get a discount on the item rather than waiting to accumulate the additional Buzz. You can purchase Buzz with a Paypal account, Bitcoins and Skrill. We will have a few more currencies coming soon as well.

And Finally…. you can gift Buzz. This was huge for us. International payment processing is a mess and game publishers have gone to great lengths to keep markets isolated so they can control the game economies relative to the local geographies.  Now you can purchase Buzz with an international virtual currency like Skrill or Bitcoins and then gift it to any GGB member.

Buzz was created to open up the gaming and eSports currency markets. Let’s knock down some walls.

PS: The nifty picture was taken in our Puerto Rico offices so we thought the palm tree background was a nice touch. Come visit, the water’s great 🙂

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