Current Version: 1.0a

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The GoodGameBuzz DISCORD bot is a community building bot designed to help community managers and owners grow their membership. The first version of the GoodGameBuzz DISCORD bot awards your DISCORD members points for time active in voice channels while playing games with rich presence integration (almost all major titles).

Use Case

This version of the GoodGameBuzz DICSORD bot was developed to provide the ability to reward users for time active in voice. We know that keeping members active and playing games in voice is critical to growing the overall membership. We designed the features in this version so that we can have contests and provide rewards for our most active voice users, new versions will be rolled out soon with completely new feature sets to help drive community growth. The below use case is intended to provide a generic example of how we envision this version of the bot being used.

Common use case example: Admins may reset the leaderboards and announce a contest that ends at specified time. They may then setup a timer to autopost the leaderboards when the contest ends into a specified channel. Admins may exclude users any users or channels they choose. When the contest ends admins can reference the autoposted leaderboard and provide rewards to the top members.


Prefix: The GoodGameBuzz DISCORD bot uses prefix “!ggb”. To use any command, type the command name after the prefix.

  1. Ban: Use this command to ban a user from voice activity tracking. Banned users will  not be awarded points for being in voice channels while playing a game.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb ban <space> user-tag
    3. Usage: !ggb ban @user
  2. Unban: Use this command to unban a banned user.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb unban <space> user-tag
    3. Usage: !ggb unban @user
  3. VLeader: Use this command to display leaderboards.
    1. Permissions: Everyone
    2. Syntax: !ggb vleader<space>number (number of players. Defaults to 25 if number is  not specified).
    3. Usage: !ggb vleader 25 (Displays top 25 users.)  !ggb vleader 5 (Displays top 5 users. )
  4. Reset: Reset leaderboards to 0 points for all users.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb<space>reset
    3. Usage: !ggb reset
  5. Timer: Use this command to set a timer upon completion of which, the bot will post  leaderboard info in the specified channel.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb timer <space> date(dd-mm-yyyy) <space> time(hh:mm:ss) <space>  channel tag
    3. Usage: !ggb timer 18/04/2018 23:00:00 #general
  6. Blacklist: Use this command to blacklist a voice channel from being tracked for voice  activity. The bot will not award points to users for using blacklisted voice channels.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb blacklist <space> channel-name (Discord does not allow voice channel  tagging).
    3. Usage: !ggb blacklist AFK
  7. Whitelist: Use this command to whitelist a blacklisted channel.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb whitelist <space> channel-name
    3. Usage: !ggb whitelist AFK
  8. Help: Returns a list of all commands and their description.
    1. Permissions: Everyone
    2. Syntax: !ggb help or !ggbhelp
    3. Usage: !ggb help or !ggbhelp



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