The only DISCORD bot with League of Legends verification and voice activity tracking.

Current Version: 2.0b

Invite/Install Linkhttps://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=434722862339850250&scope=bot


The GoodGameBuzz DISCORD bot is a community building bot designed to help community managers and owners grow their membership. Main feature sets include: voice activity tracking with points award system, voice activity contest creation and management, league of legends account verification via the RIOT API, League of Legends profiles and ranked leaderboards via the RIOT API, and voice channel lobby creation and management (creates a new channel for each user that joins, gives the user full control of the created voice channel, and destroys the channel when the user leaves).

Insights & Expected Use Cases

League of Legends Summoner/Account Verification

When we began considering integrating League of Legends functionality utilizing the RIOT API we very quickly came up with some great ideas for very deep rich integrations that could provide incredible value to the community. All of these ideas hinged on being able to verify that the League of Legends summoner/account data of a specific DISCORD user was accurate and could not be manipulated to cheat or game the system. The summoner/account verification allows us to maintain data integrity and is the base for all future League of Legends development. As of the time this document was created there is no other DISCORD bot that provides verification using the RIOT API.

League of Legends Leaderboards

LoL players trying to climb the ranked ladders are very often looking for quality players around the same rank/division to team up with. This feature set allows users to see the leaderboards for their league/rank and division (Example: Bronze V) for all verified accounts in the server.

League of Legends Profiles

There are a number of expected use cases for this feature set, most of which are relative to match-making. The profile provides valuable information relative to match-making at a glance. For Example: If a user is looking for a top lane to play Bronze IV solo/duo with, they can check the Bronze IV leaderboards and then view individual profiles to verify that the player has top lane experience.

Voice Activity Tracking

We realized very early that voice activity is key to building a strong community and we wanted to run contests based on voice activity. We could not find a bot to handle this so we added this functionality. This feature set rewards points for users active in voice while playing games with rich integration (almost all major titles). Spotify and other applications with rich integration are banned from tracking. Additionally, admins can set a date and time for the voice leaderboards to post to a specific channel to accommodate contests/giveaways (voice leaderboards can be reset to zero at any time).

Voice Lobby Feature Set

Voice lobbies simplify the overall structure of the voice channels within a server, reduce management overhead, and give users complete control over basic functionality for voice channels. When a user joins a channel with lobby functionality a new specific channel is created for each individual user. The said user has control over the channel (privacy options, naming ability, invite ability, etc.) and the channel is destroyed when the user leaves. Say goodbye to a ton of different voice channels, categories, and constant user requests.



Prefix: The GoodGameBuzz DISCORD bot uses prefix “!ggb”. To use any command, type the command name after the prefix. The usage of a single space between the prefix and command is optional. Spaces between arguments are mandatory/required.

  1. Ping: Checks the bot’s lacency.
    1. Permissions: Everyone
    2. Syntax: !ggb ping
    3. Usage: !ggb ping
  2. Ban: Use this command to ban a user from voice activity tracking. Banned users will  not be awarded points for being in voice channels while playing a game.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb ban <space> user-tag
    3. Usage: !ggb ban @user
  3. Unban: Use this command to unban a banned user.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb unban <space> user-tag
    3. Usage: !ggb unban @user
  4. VLeader: Use this command to display the voice leaderboards.
    1. Permissions: Everyone
    2. Syntax: !ggb vleader <space> number (number of players. Defaults to 25 if number is  not specified).
    3. Usage: !ggb vleader 25 (Displays top 25 users.)  !ggb vleader 5 (Displays top 5 users. )
  5. Reset: Reset leaderboards to 0 points for all users.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb<space>reset
    3. Usage: !ggb reset
  6. Timer: Use this command to set a timer upon completion of which, the bot will post  leaderboard info in the specified channel. Designed for use in voice activity contests that have a specific end date/time.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb timer <space> date(dd-mm-yyyy) <space> time(hh:mm:ss) <space>  channel tag
    3. Usage: !ggb timer 18/04/2018 23:00:00 #general
  7. Blacklist: Use this command to blacklist a voice channel from being tracked for voice  activity. The bot will not award points to users for using blacklisted voice channels.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb blacklist <space> channel-name (Discord does not allow voice channel  tagging).
    3. Usage: !ggb blacklist AFK
  8. Whitelist: Use this command to whitelist a blacklisted channel.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb whitelist <space> channel-name
    3. Usage: !ggb whitelist AFK
  9. Help: Returns a list of all commands and their description.
    1. Permissions: Everyone
    2. Syntax: !ggb help
    3. Usage: !ggb help
  10. Lobby:  Makes a voice channel a lobby. Lobbies create a unique voice channel for each user that joins, grants said user full control over the channel, and destroys the channel when the user leaves. Note: the <voice channel> argument must include any icons/emojis that have been included in the channel name.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb lobby
    3. Usage: !ggb lobby <voice channel>
  11. Unlobby: Removes lobby functionality from a specified voice channel.
    1. Permissions: Administrator only
    2. Syntax: !ggb unlobby
    3. Usage:  !ggb unlobby <voice channel>
  12. Lolregister: Register your LoL account with the GoodGameBuzz Bot. After you enter the generated code in the League of Legends client you must use the !ggb lolregister command again to complete the process.
    1. Permissions: Everyone
    2. Syntax: !ggb lolregister <region code> <summoner name>
    3. Usage: !ggb lolregister NA nicod3mus23
    4. Region codes: NA, BR, EUNE, EUW, JP, KR, LAN, LAS, OCE, TR, RU, PBE
  13. Lolprofile: Displays League of Legends profiles for verified summoners/accounts. The command used without a DISCORD user tag (username) argument will display your profile.
    1. Permissions: Everyone
    2. Syntax: !ggb lolprofile <@user tag>
    3. Usage: !ggb lolprofile Nicod3mus
  14. Lolleaderboards: Displays ranked leaderboards for verfied League of Legends summoners/accounts. Required arguments for this command are league (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, master, challenger) and division (i, ii, ii, iv, v).
    1. Permissions: Everyone
    2. Syntax: !ggb lolleaderboards <league> <division>
    3. Usage !ggb lolleaderboards bronze ii