The GGB Weekend Invite-tational event!

The GGB Weekend Invite-tational event starts today, Friday, August 25th at 5pm EST!

Top 25 members who invite the most LoL players in-game to the GGB Discord Server win $10 RP card/code on their server/region (or equivalent items currency).

Overview: The top 25 players with 3 or more invite codes redeemed will win $10 RP cards/codes (or equivalent items or currency) on their server/region. Create your code for the event (make sure it is set to never expire) and post it in the #weekend-invite-tational channel. YOU MAY ONLY POST YOUR CODE IN-GAME!!! IF YOU POST YOUR CODE ANYWHERE OUTSIDE OF THE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS CLIENT YOU WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED!! You must create a code to participate and you must post your code in the #weekend-invite-tational channel. IF YOU CODE HAS ANY USES PRIOR TO THE START OF THE EVENT IT WILL BE DELETED. In other words, don’t use the code you post in the #weekend-invite-tational before the event starts. Please check the eligibility requirements below and use the support channel if you need help getting your accounts setup.

Dates/Times: Event begins at 5:00 PM EST (9:00 PM GMT) Friday 8/25/2017 and ends at 5:00 PM EST (9:00 PM GMT) Sunday 8/27/2017.

Eligibility: You must have an active GGB account, be a MEMBER of this Discord community, create an invite code that does not expire to use for the event, and post your invite code in the #weekend-invite-tational channel. If you have any questions about creating your GGB account or getting member privileges we can help you in the support channel. Create your GGB account here, it’s obviously free: Prize Pool: Top 25 with 3 or more invite codes redeemed get $10 Riot Points Cards/Codes (if not available on your server/region GGB will provide equivalent items to the best of our ability) How to Win: Play LoL and post your invite code in-game so you can communicate with your team. Voice comms in game make your team better and make you a better player, we want to the community to get used to driving people into voice and increasing win rates.

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