League Of Legends EU LCS Summer Split – Finals!

This week in the EU LCS Semifinals – the underdog triumphed over the competition, eliminating the seasons’ top prospect as their Group A rival finished off Group B, eliminating the leader in an embarrassing sweep.

[MSF] Misfits (3) VS [FNC] Fnatic (1)


Misfits must have tricked us. They waited all season long until the playoffs to show us their true power. Maybe it was all part of the plan to trick their competitors into thinking they would get an easy ride in the playoffs. Whatever may be going on, the mediocre Misfits that finished the season 6W-7L is gone. In its’ place has arose a new team (Mega Misfits?) that has been destroying the seasons’ top prospects; turning the playoffs on its head. Last week we saw them eliminate #1 (Group B) Unicorns Of Love in an embarrassing sweep. With their sights on Fnatic this week, they nearly managed a sweep of the #1 (A) Team that ended the season with an astounding 11W-2L record. At least Fnatic gets a chance at the 3rd place spot for their hard work.

Analyzing the outcome


Misfits didn’t come just to win, they came to humiliate. Across the 3 matches they won, they managed a combined 2.33 KDR over Fnatic. In match 4 alone, they eliminated Fnatic in an embarrassing 16-3 loss – devastating top-laner ‘FNC sOAZ’ to a 0/6/0 KDA. Fnatic’s failure across these matches is so widespread, it’s impossible to pin any point on why exactly they lost. Across their 3 losses, not a single player was able to exceed a 1 KDR.

What we can pin point, however, is Misfits’s success. In particular, mid-laner ‘MSF PowerOfEvil‘ had the largest impact on the game. Across their victories, he managed to rack up 44% of his teams kills in addition to 86% kill participation. Beyond these statistics, his performances were vital to the outcome of the game in another way. His ability to scale over his competition, and shut down ‘FNC Caps’, made all the difference. In fact, in Misfits only loss this series, ‘FNC Caps’ would prove a integral part of Fnatic’s victory – going 4/0/6 in the only match ‘MSF PowerOfEvil’ wasn’t able to shut him down. In Misfits’ most devastating victory (Match 4), we can see below how his ability to scale over his competition led to his 7/0/6 KDA and ‘FNC Caps’ 1/3/1 KDA, and ultimately – Fnatic’s elimination.


‘MSF PowersOfEvil’ (blue) led by 3k gold by the 25 minute mark. Equivalent to one “large” item over his competition.


[G2] G2 Esports (3) VS H2K (0)


G2’s sweep of #1 (Group B) H2K is surprising to say the least. After a tough series that ended in game 5 against #3 (B) Splyce in the quarterfinals, it was suspected that #2 (A) G2 would at least have quite a bit of a struggle against H2K – if not a loss. However, true to the unpredictable nature of this seasons’ playoffs, what we thought would happen – is nothing close to what actually happened.

Analyzing the outcome


G2’s sweep of H2K is even more humiliating than Fnatic’s loss this week. Across the series, G2 managed a 3.33 KDR over H2K, going: 3-14, 6-18, and 6-18. Furthermore, G2’s performance was as well-balanced as it gets. During their first match, top-laner ‘G2 Expect’ was the MVP, going 7/0/3 with 50% of his team’s kills and 71% kill participation. In Match 2, ADC ‘G2 Zven’ paved the path to victory going 8/0/5 with 44% of his team’s kills and 72% kill participation. In Match 3, Mid-laner ‘G2 Perkz’ led his team to their triumphant series sweep, going 12/2/4 with 67% of his team’s kills and a whopping 89% kill participation. G2’s performance was dominant in every way, from dragons to ganks, they won it all. Congratulations to G2 for putting together the most versatile, well-balanced, dominative victory across the playoffs thus far.


The Finals

[MSF] Misfits VS [G2] G2 Esports


This years’ finals aren’t exactly what we expected. After all, who would think the new Kings of League would come from the no.2 & 3 seed whilst the no.1 seeds compete for 3rd place? Going 6W-7L (MSF) and 8W-5L (G2) on the season hardly represents what we think of when we ponder who could be the next LCS champion. Nonetheless, here the “underdogs” are after their respectively dominant triumphs.



The last time these teams went head to head – back in week 9 – G2 put down Misfits in a 2-0 series. The matches weren’t exactly close either, but G2 was playing the “old” Misfits. As stated previously, Misfits has hardly resembled themselves thus far in the playoffs, looking like a completely new team. However, it’s hard to look past G2’s well balanced line-up in comparison to Misfit’s. Whereas we saw G2 dominate the semifinals with a range of players; Misfits seem to be rather dependent on one. In the semifinals we saw ‘MSF PowerOfEvil’ lead the team to victory and in the quarterfinals it was ‘MSF Hans Sama’. With that in mind, it seems most likely G2 will be crowned the new champions this season (Or possibly the opposite since nothing has turned out the way we would have expected it to).


Be sure to watch the event live here.


3rd Place Match

September 2nd, 3pm GMT/17:00 CEST


G2 Esports
September 3rd, 3pm GMT/17:00 CEST

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