League Of Legends EU LCS Summer Split – Quarterfinals Conclude!

This years’ Quarterfinals have come to an end in one of the most surprising upsets in recent EU LCS history. What seemed like it would be futile attempt at victory for the underdogs whom barely scraped into this years’ playoffs, ended in a triumphant sweep of one of this seasons’ powerhouse teams. From a first place tie – barely missing an automatic ticket to the semifinals – to complete and utter elimination.


Misfits VS Unicorns Of Love

The previously #1 Unicorns Of Love (UOL) worked hard all season long to make it to this years’ playoffs with a phenomenal 9W-4L record. Unfortunately for UOL, all this hard work amounted to nothing when they choked – losing it all in one day. Not only did they manage to lose to a team that shouldn’t have made it into the playoffs, they embarrassed themselves in a complete sweep and vicious beating by a team that barely pulled off wins all season long – ending the regular season with a 6W-7L record.

Analyzing the outcome

Looking simply at the stats, UOL makes Misfits look like the best LoL team ever put together. Across all 3 games, UOL didn’t manage to lead in gold farming for even a single minute. Nor did they get one single first blood. They could not even manage to account for a third (33%) of Misfits kills in any game. UOL looked like a completely different team than dominant powerhouse we are used to seeing. Maybe they let the tilt get to their heads after their first loss – maybe they should’ve banned Tristana.

Misfits’ ADC ‘Hans Sama’ was vital to their triumphant victory this week, and that may be an understatement. UOL allowed ‘Hans Sama’ to play Tristana every game; you would think they would have learned after this vicious ADC went an astonishing 12/0/1 in Match 1 – accounting for 80% of the team’s kills. ‘Hans Sama’ kept the pressure on moving into the series – going 3/1/9 and then 9/2/8 – accounting for about 45% of his teams’ total kills in the series and an insane 78% in kill participation. Looking at his most triumphant victories in Match 1 & 3 – where he pulled off nearly a 90% kill participation rate – it seems his teammate ‘IgNar’s expertise in pulling with Blitzcrank and Thresh made it all possible. The dynamic duo crushed the lane competition and kept both enemies highest stat to the deaths column. The insane amount of pressure they were able to put on the enemy using this Tristana & pull support combo allowed ‘Hans Sama’ to snowball and keep the enemy ADC from scaling. This translated directly into UOL’s gold deficit – an obvious sign someone was missing farm – and effectively won the game by putting their enemies on the sidelines.  UOL ‘Samux’ (ADC) and ‘Hylissang’ (Support) simply couldn’t scale to compete – and stuck to their guns on their original bans – refusing to make adjustments on the fly.


G2 Esports VS Splyce

The fight between G2 and Splyce this week came down to a final game 5, and what a nail-biter it was. The two teams – whom both ended the season 8W-5L – truly matched each other in competition and made for an amazing quarterfinals series. In the end, G2 barely pulled off that win in a 16-13 match. Both teams showed up big time, ready to win, vying hard to become the ultimate champion – and showtime esports it was.

Analyzing the outcome

Looking at this series as a whole, one thing truly stands out; 3 out of the 5 matches coming down to the very last minute. Across Matches 1,3, and 5, either team was only able to pull off a narrow victory, amounting to no more than a 3 kill lead in any of these 3 matches. In Match #1, we even saw both teams end with the same 94k gold farm. Because of the near perfect match-up between these teams, it made for interesting gameplay and long matches – 4 of which extended over 45 minutes. The fierce match-ups allowed no feeding, and as a result no particular players stand out this series. It was just an amazing team performance on both sides.

Looking at the all conclusive match 5, Top-laner G2 ‘Expect’ played Jarvan going 7/3/7 – an amazing performance by all standards of this series. This Jarvan, in addition their support Alistar, proved vital in their ability to stay alive as tanky champions. With no more than 4 deaths across the ADC and Support; the lack of “ganks” translated into giving the enemy jungler Gragas no more than one single kill. This survivability gave G2 Esports the time they needed to properly scale their champions over their enemy – especially in the case of their ADC Ashe vs Xayah. They knew to wait until mid-game to start pushing strong, and it proved evident in graph below and ultimately their final victory.

G2 vs Splyce Team gold adv graph


Be sure to watch the semifinals August 26-27th here.



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