League Of Legends NA LCS Summer Split – Finals!

This week in the NA LCS Semifinals – The seasons’ former leader falls victim to its’ rival in a pitiful sweep while the underdog goes out with dignity as we prepare the crown the next King of League.

[IMT] Immortals (3) VS [CLG] Counter Logic Gaming (0)


This week we witnessed – yet again – the continued deterioration of what once was, and what might never again be. Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) has been on the fall since Week 6, barely pulling it together in week 9 to make the playoffs after an atrocious loss to the NA LCS’ worst – #10 Phoenix1. After seeing them narrowly proceed to the semifinals in a Game 5 series against a underdog they should’ve swept; this weeks’ sweep of CLG doesn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, they simply have not shown the caliber that the seasons’ leaders Team SoloMid (TSM) and Immortals (IMT) have shown in recent weeks. Though CLG was able to avoid a sweep from IMT in their week 7 loss; this is only more definitive of how – somehow – CLG continues to get worse and worse. Looks like its back to the basics for CLG after this seasons’ depressing turn around.

Analyzing the outcome


Of the matches played, match 1 was the closest and most competitive. Though CLG was able to win PvP wise (ending 22-18), they fell behind in terms of team organization and timing. More to the point, they cannot work together as efficiently as IMT, not only in this match, but as a trend in this series. During Match 1 they had zero Baron kills and 1 Dragon kill; paltry compared to IMT’s 3 Baron kills and 4 Dragon kills. This statistic alone almost tells the entire story. Looking at the Match 1 gold advantage graph, we can easily notice how these kills made the difference in this close match. In fact, the game is very close in every respect until right after IMT was able to get a dragon kill, then we notice IMT gets a team gold advantage spike. This is because the buffs allowed IMT to push their towers and, ultimately, gain the advantage.


Possibly the worst statistic of CLG’s failure is the fact that they did not manage to kill a single Baron across the entire series. Pair that with the fact that they were unable to down the dragon in any game more than once, and its pretty understandable how CLG was swept. The only match they didn’t allow IMT to take more than 1 Baron and 1 Dragon, they allowed them to get a early game Rift Herald. This allowed for an early game tower push that again gave IMT the gold advantage they needed to end the game, this time in only 27 minutes. Not only have we watched CLG get progressively worse across the season; but in this series alone we watched them fade from a team that looked like it had a chance, to one that looks like it doesn’t even belong in the playoffs.


[TSM] Team SoloMid (3) VS [DIG] Team Dignitas (1)


The semifinals match-up between TSM and DIG went as expected. Although the underdog DIG has been giving the powerhouse teams a run for their money in the latter half of the season – in addition to a stunning sweep of Cloud9 in the quarterfinals – it was expected that the Rift Rivals champ TSM would come prepared to make it to the finals. All the matches were pretty solid, and for a team that wasn’t expected to make it quite this far and sweep Cloud9, Team Dignitas went out with dignity this season.

Analyzing the outcome


The first match of the series was a close one, ending 12-7 with TSM ahead in kills and grabbing the victory. Up until the end, neither team saw much of a gold advantage. One major factor in this match, and for the series as a whole, is the match-up between the ADC’s. Known for their ability to carry late game, the competition between ADC’s is imperative to the outcome of the game. An ADC who is able to shut down their competition – not only to prevent them from scaling, but to further their gold advantage and scaling factor – is able to change the entire course of the game. That’s exactly what happened in match 1. As you can see in the Team Gold Advantage graph below, TSM trailed in gold most of the game, but was able to come back and win the game late game due in no small part to ADC ‘TSM Doublelift’ who dominated going 5/1/6.


Not only was ‘TSM Doublelift’ imperative to victory in match 1, he was vital to his teams’ victory in the series as a whole. Bringing in 41% of his teams totals kills across the series in addition to a 74% kill participation rate – simply put –  TSM couldn’t have done it without him. As a result of his expertise in this series, his rival ADC ‘DIG Altec’ was never able to obtain more than 3 kills in any match. This fact alone, that DIG’s ADC was never able to scale well, put them at a significant disadvantage.

The Finals

[TSM] Team SoloMid VS [IMT] Immortals


The finals are finally here. Setting off on September 3rd, this seasons’ finals should will undoubtedly be the most exciting match-up of the season as these extremely dominant teams go head to head for the crown. Since the latter half of the season, we have watched these teams steamroll their competition, and without a match-up between these powerhouses since week 5, this seasons’ finals are the exciting climax we have been waiting for.



Both of these teams have a season record of 14W-4L and have had phenomenal seasons. Looking back on week 5, we see that TSM was able to sweep IMT 2-0. Although they were close matches, TSM clearly showed prowess over IMT. However, if mid-laner ‘IMT Pobelter’ is able to properly handle his lane this time around, IMT’s favorability will increase greatly. In their last week 5 series, ‘IMT Pobelter’ went 0/4/6 and 1/4/7 as he fed ‘TSM Bjergsen’ to 11/2/3 and 6/3/9 respectively. ‘TSM Bjergsen’ would rake in 50% of his teams total kills across the series in addition to 85% kill participation rate. This cannot happen again, or IMT will undoubtedly lose. Our advice to ‘IMT Pobelter’ – Research the tactics of recent TSM rival ‘DIG Keane’ who was able to properly hold their ground against this star player. Although ‘Bjergsen’ did have good performances, they were in small part to his mid-lane enemy who kept him from running away with the game.

This said, ‘IMT Pobelter’ is coming off some great performances in the semifinals, and not only has he improved, but rather the entire team has greatly progressed since last facing TSM in week 5. But… So has TSM. And with the recent NA/EU Rift Rivals Championship under their belt, in which they won in the middle of this season, TSM seems to be unstoppable.  On that note, we put our money down on TSM, but stand ready to observe the unpredictable nature of this match-up.

Watch all events live here.

3rd Place Match

Team Dignitas
Counter Logic Gaming
September 2nd, 2pm CT


Team SoloMid
September 3rd, 2pm CT

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