[EXPIRED][Mission] Proving Grounds – Quadrakillers 1.0a

Mission Briefing:

We have received a message from the Director prior to his arrival. The instructions were clear, there will be a series of missions to identify soldiers with “special talents”. Get one or more quadrakills in any ranked League of Legends game in the next 7 days to complete the mission objective. Soldiers that successfully complete the mission (and the verification process) will be rewarded 1.00 Buzz and the adoration of the entire GGB army. Pay close attention to the requirements  below, failing to meet the requirements will result in disqualification.



  • An Active GGB Account in Good Standing
  • Your League of Legends server/region and in-game name(summoner name) profile fields must be entered CORRECTLY.
  • You must be able to verify your in-game name. Verification is a one time process, you can verify your League of Legends in-game name (summoner name) HERE. Remember, you can always verify your in-game name after you complete the mission.



  • Get one or more quadrakills in a ranked League of Legends match.



  • One completion submitted per soldier.
  • 50 Total Completions.



  • Total Completions: 50
  • Ends: Sunday April 22, 2018 6:00 PM UTC



  • 1.00 Buzz
  • Your Buzz will credited to your GGB account after your in-game name has been verified, this is a one time process. You can verify your League of Legends in-game name (summoner name) HERE.


Current Completion Count:356/50


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