PUBG Missions Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce that the new PUBG mission system is in the final stages of development!

The mission system will include a verification system (using both the Steam Web API and the PUBG API) and a ton of really cool objective types that will create a truly diverse and engaging experience for GGB players. The decision regarding which game to select for integration was not reached lightly, here are a few of the reasons we chose PUBG:

  • Genre – PUBG is competitive shooter and will create some diversity regarding the overall experience for our players. In other words, our players will be able to earn rewards playing games with totally different play styles. This will help keep the experience fresh.
  • E-Sports Support – Both Bluehole and Valve have committed large amounts of resources to make PUBG a viable and competitive e-Sports game. These investments go a long way to ensure that PUBG will remain competitive and viable for an extended period of time.
  • Recency – PUBG is a relatively new title (compared to League of Legends) and we feel this will further diversify the GGB experience.
  • API – The PUBG API is inclusive and the terms of use are forward thinking. The API capabilities give us access to the data we need and the terms allow us the flexibility we need to create an engaging and rewarding experience.
  • Steam Marketplace – The Steam Marketplace creates a single unified location where PUBG players can purchase PUBG in-game items. This is a big deal. Instead of worrying about in-game currencies that are locked to specific regions, GGB players can use a Steam Wallet code from the Buzz store to purchase anything globally. The benefits of a unified global marketplace are obvious.
  • Extensibility via the Steam API – Steam is one of the largest gaming marketplaces/hubs in the world and it is integrated with a very wide variety of titles. The API implementation required for PUBG missions would also be required for future Steam titles (if we decided to support them) thus decreasing overall workload and time to live.


We will announce the official launch date for the PUBG mission system in the coming weeks. The announcement will include an application for the closed alpha test that grants Buzz rewards for participation so stay tuned!


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