CLG vs IMT week 7 recap

According to an interview that Emily Rand had with CLG’s bottom lane duo, Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes thought that they just played weird. The first game, he said, could be chalked of to just drafts. He also mentioned that it was hard to do anything because they didn’t have any engage versus five engage champions. After that, TH said, “I think the second game everyone played pretty selfishly. No one was trying to help each other. It was a lot different from what we’re used to in scrims and stuff. In scrims we always play as a unit and something happened today where we did not do that.”

Here is what Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black had to say in response to “Take me through your series against Immortals today” question. “I played Tahm Kench both games. He’s not really an engage champion, moreso a roamer to stop their engage. Game 1 they had five engage and we had zero, so it was harder for us to make stuff happen until we got six items, but they just forced. In Game 2, we did have a lead but I felt like we were, myself included, not really focused on what we had to do to create pressure. Even though we had a lead, we went into a 1-3-1 and their lanes still had the pressure. Their tempo was ahead of ours in general so we’ll go back and look at that after we leave. That was generally it. We just didn’t capitalize on our lead.”

In the first game Immortals had a strong early game but were unable to take any objectives until CLG took several bad fights which resulted in IMT being able to take some objectives. CLG continued to take bad fights for most of the rest of the game.

Game 2, CLG suffered same problem as the first game, where they couldn’t push a lead and taking bad fights, which gave IMT multiple objectives and ultimately enable them to finish the game.

Here is a recap of the last 20 mins of how Counter Logic Gaming lost to the season’s new leader, Immortals.

7:23 pm ET — After a few great ganks on the side of CLG, they have failed to take significant advantage of the kills and are down 2 towers to zero early.

7:31 pm ET — Gold is almost dead even despite CLG having a 9-2 kill lead, largely thanks to IMT’s 3-1 lead on towers.

7:36 pm ET — Somehow, CLG continue to find ways to get caught out. This time, it costs them 5k in gold and a Baron buff.

Full game recording below.

Game 1

Game 2

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