The schedule for the NA LCS Summer Regional Qualifier – This year’s League of Legends World Championships

We are all wondering who’ll end up on top and guarantee their place at World!

FlyQuest, Team Dignitas, CLG, and Cloud9 are the NA LCS semi-finalists. They will be battling out for the 3rd & final seed at this year’s World Championships.

CLG and Cloud9 have a few Worlds experiences in the past, and while FlyQuest is also familiar with the World stage, most of that knowledge comes from former members of Cloud9. Only one of those teams, however, will have the opportunity to represent the North America in China. We are all waiting patiently to discover just who is the strongest to come out on top and qualify for the LoL mega-stage of the World.

ROUND 1 – September 8th: Team Dignitas vs FlyQuest

With a so-so season (to say the least), FlyQuest barely avoided getting assigned to an inferior rank in the tournament, with score of 6-12, coming in 7th overall.

Unlike FlyQuest, Dignitas had an amazing season, with the team making it into their first semifinal since 2013. They had a chance at the World Championship back in 2012, with ADC Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana leading the line up in season two.

Based on all we’ve witnessed, it seems as though FlyQuest will have to pull off an unlikely miracle run to the finals.

ROUND 2 – September 9th: Round 1 Winner vs CLG

The win over Team Dignitas has earned CLG an automatic progression to the Regional Qualifiers. CLG skipped Round One after they defeated Team Dignitas in the third place match on September 3rd, giving them enough Circuit Points to start from Round Two.

To get their revenge against CLG, Dignitas will have to past FlyQuest after losing their match with a score of 3-0 in the third-place match.

FlyQuest has also had its struggles. They have failed to beat CLG at least once this entire Summer Split. And the last time they managed to advance on CLG was in the Spring Playoffs in April with a score of 3-2. So it is looking very iffy for them, as well.

ROUND 3 – September 10th: Round 2 Winner vs Cloud9

Coming out of the Spring Playoffs Cloud9 was expected to compete well in Summer but that didn’t happen. They have finished fourth overall in the Summer Split and lost to Dignitas in the Summer Playoff Quarterfinals.

Cloud9 will be watched closely to see if they have what it takes to meet the NA LCS fans’ expectations.

The matches will be streamed from Sept. 8 on the NA LCS Twitch Channel at 2 PM CT.

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